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This forum is purely for talking about all aspects to do with cover design related to Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures, whether it be who's your favourite artist, what's the best cover site (doesn't have to be any of the Art of Infinity sites you know!), how can you get a particular effect in Photoshop or even putting a plea out for that elusive picture or cover you're after.
This is the place to come!


While this forum will remain for the most part free from moderation, I will remove users if I find they do not stick to these 3 simple rules or if they are reported to me for breaking them.
This board is here to be constructive and for a good social time for one and all, okay? Right...

1. No swearing or graphic sexual content, be it in a post, a picture, as a link, whatever.

2. No defamation of character please. While some of the forum topics ask about least favourite artist or cover etc. those topics are NOT there purely to slag someone or their work off
e.g. 'such-and-such is a c**p artist' is NOT a valid post.

3. Any posting of covers/artwork using other people's work in whole or in part as a base is only allowed IF
you credit those people either on the cover/artwork or in your post -
Everyone has the right to be credited for their work and should be.

If you agree to the above rules,
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