A 'hotch potch'

Yes, that's it in a nutshell.
But that's not enough is it really?
Here's a short history of the Doctor Who video cover to date, so you know what I mean by
by that description...
The early 1980's

VHS is still slugging it out for 'most popular format' with Video 2000 and good old Betamax. BBC Video begins and the first releases are compilations. These sported photographic covers, often inaccurate - right, Revenge Of The Cybermen has an

Earthshock-type Cyberman on it - and the then-current 'neon tube' logo. No great shakes. (Image courtesy of The TARDIS Library)

The logo was dropped around 1984 in favour of a multi-coloured version of the Pertwee / Baker 'diamond' logo and were used on re-releases like Revenge Of The Cybermen and new compilations such as The Brain Of Morbius - poor Morbius, cut to only 60% of the original length! The BBC Video 'starburst' logo also disappeared and wasreplaced just by BBC VIDEO at the bottom of the spine.
Photographic montages on the covers, all ostensibly designed by Sid Sutton, continued until the late 1980's ending with a two tape release of The Daleks.

This, however, also featured some artwork
( some previous covers had also utilised some, but this was mainly to disguise lack of photographic resource
material or inept picture selection... ) The spines had also changed slightly from The Talons of Weng-Chiang, with the then-proper BBC logo being used instead of the BBC VIDEO legend.
Into the 1990's...

An Unearthly Child was released, along with a two tape set of The War Games. This was where the covers switched over to, in the main, excellent artwork, with some of the best stuff coming from Andrew Skilleter, Alister Pearson and Colin Howard (which is why I use a lot of it!) The 'diamond' logo was retained.
Stories on two tapes were issued after early 1991 in a double pack case, and when this happened a larger 'diamond' logo was used with the story title below it and a picture from the story - or in the case of the Sontaran Experiment/Genesis of the Daleks double pack, a photo from each story.
In 1993, the 30th Anniversary caused a brief 'glitch' when the 'diamond' logo had the bottom cut off it and a 30th Anniversary banner added. The spines also changed; the VHS logo disappeared - it was now the only format tapes were being issued for by the BBC at this point, so no distinction needed to be made any longer - the 'diamond' logo

rotated 90 degrees and moved up the spine, the BBC logo moved up to the top and the serial number and certification symbol moved down. Hmm.

After 1993 passed, the logo regained its bottom - oo-er, missus! - and the covers carried on in the same format as shown in the Vengeance On Varos cover.

This continued until D-Day 1996. That's Doctor McGann day to you and me...
Nice performance, Paul, shame about the script IMHO. And look what they did to the videos because of you!
Firstly, all the previously available stories were pulled from the shelves. And I do mean ALL!

This was particularly unfortunate for people like me who were unable to get a copy of the newly released story The Hand Of Fear before it was recalled, never to be seen again on VHS.
At least it has finally been re-released on DVD!
Then a new video finally limped onto the shelves. The aforementioned Mr McGann's only TV appearance as the Doctor. And with it, a completely new cover design. Back to photos, an inaccurately-drawn police box on the spine, and a version of the Pertwee logo in silver, as featured in the McGann movie. Oh dear...
A couple of months later, and another video joins it on the shop floor. The - IMHO - shameless cash-in on Jon Pertwee's death known as The Green Death double pack. This time we get some decent artwork courtesy of Colin Howard, another McGann logo in
silver ( but as

it's so similar to the original Pertwee logo featured on this story I'll let that go... ) and a fairly accurate police box. It's also the first double pack to have any picture on its spine since 1993 when they packed in doing that after The Silurians...
After this they finally got around to releasing videos on a regular basis again. And guess what? It was all change yet again!


The last design started with a lovely Colin Howard artwork cover for The Leisure Hive, then went through a mix of artwork and photos (such as The Happiness Patrol) until finally being pretty much just photo-montages (such as The Horns of Nimon). This design, produced by the Black Sheep company, also used the McGann logo, but in all three different versions were used as can be seen above, the last one (on ...Nimon) being the nicest IMHO; a dark blue variety.

And that's where the official history ends;
only a few more stories were left to be issued after ...Nimon, with Invasion of the Dinosaurs the last single release and The Reign of Terror box set (together with the surviving episodes from The Faceless Ones and The Web of Fear) being the last 'pack'.

Sorry, did I say a brief history?
Well, at least it's accurate!

So as you'll appreciate, when all placed together,
we have a right patchwork effect!
As Peri said about the Sixth Doctor's outfit - "Yuk!"

So, like a lot of other sites, this is why this site came to be born. Hope you enjoy the contents!