UPDATED 01/01/2016

None of these covers would have been possible without people
who are a lot more talented than I.

Firstly, the artists whose artwork I've used in part,
in whole, adapted and generally messed around with.
The old Information pages have now gone, but each cover's
thumbnail now includes a mouseover information box containing
details on who did the original artwork (where known) and who
photos/images should be credited to.

However, I'll also credit those fine artists here,
both in paints and pixels - take a bow one and all!

Chris Achilleos
Jeff Cummin
Bill Donohue
Colin Howard Roy Knipe David McAllister
Tony Masero Alister Pearson Andrew Skilleter
Nick Sainton-Clark Mike Tucker Ian Simpson
Bernard Lodge Daryl Joyce
Stuart Hughes Rob Semenoff
Rob Hammond
Daniel Reed
Pete Wallbank
Steve Redfearn
Peter Elson The Mill
John Austin
Alistair Hughes Martin Proctor Andy Walker

Thanks guys for all your hard work down the years -
and please don't sue!

Remember - I wouldn't have used it if I didn't like it!

Other sources of reference for photos, quotes and
other text used mainly on the back covers:

The British Broadcasting Corporation
Doctor Who Magazine - DWM
David J. Howe for Doctor Who: Timeframe
David J. Howe, Mark Stammers & Stephen James Walker for
Doctor Who: The Sixties, Doctor Who: The Seventies, Doctor Who: The Eighties and Doctor Who: The Handbooks
Andrew Skilleter for
Doctor Who: Blacklight - The Art Of Andrew Skilleter
Cornerstone Communications Ltd
for Doctor Who Trading Cards
Virgin Publishing / WH Allen for
the various Target Book novelisations
Paul Cornell, Martin Day & Keith Topping
for Doctor Who: The Discontinuity Guide
and everyone else that I can't attribute an actual credit to for photos or artwork used as I don't know who you are - but thank you anyway, your contributions down the years are much appreciated by me and loads of other fans.


I have no connection with any of the above people or companies.
99.9% of all artwork etc. used is totally unauthorised.
They are for fans' private use only.

*** This is a not-for-profit website ***

Please do not sell these covers to anyone for money

Anyone found doing so will infringe the copyright
of all those named above and may be liable to action
by the above, so don't try it!

Remember everyone, share but care -
flattery's better than being flattened! :-)

Some artwork I have produced myself,
based on various images and photos -
those pieces of artwork remain
my own copyright,
and may be made available in other forms
by myself in the future, both as images and as other merchandise.