UPDATED 15/02/09

As mentioned on some of my other pages,
there are quite a few people around the Web
who are a) Doctor Who fans and
b) do new covers.

The best was Rob White's Chameleon Circuit.
Rob's work is no longer available - see the
SITE NOTICES page for more about that.
His were still the best in many people's eyes.

However, there are many more.
Some of them are far more talented
than I and IMHO outshine what I produce,
so if you don't like what I've got,
do go and visit them too!

Here's some links to a few of my favourite
sites around the Web both for covers,
artwork and resources that I have
discovered on my travels without the TARDIS!

If you would like to feature your Who related
site here on the links page, or if you would
like to add
my Chameleon Circuit or
Art Of Infinity site group to your site,
drop me a line (and thank you very much!)

Click here for AOI banners for linking
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Other Doctor Who-related sites in the Art of Infinity group
Video & DVD cover sites Paintings and artwork Restoration & colourisation Fan societies
News and official sites Audio & video adventures Resource sites For fun!

Other Who-related AOI sites  
Target Online
Novelisations of the New Series episodes, just like the old Target Books -
and all for FREE!


  Perception Filter
Video and DVD covers
for the spin-off series featuring the character of Captain Jack Harkness
in Torchwood
  Sarah Jane
Video and DVD covers
for the spin-off series featuring Elisabeth Sladen as investigative reporter Sarah Jane Smith and her friends

Video & DVD cover sites  
  Chameleon Circuit
No, not me!
The remains of ROB WHITE's covers, archived somewhere in cyberspace. Here's the full story - and what could have happened...
  Velvet Jacket
Superb design of DVD covers here courtesy of Joe Cannon
  Chris's Media Covers
Nice selection from Chris
  Dan's Doctor Who covers
A lovely selection of new covers featuring the 2005 logo by Dan Barnes-Davies
Greg Askew's site featuring covers by Simon Hodges,
Damien May & other talents.
Includes New Series logo covers
  Enduring Image
Gary McBride's great covers
- including some New Series covers!
  Galaxy Edge
Martin Taylor and Henry Flashman produce some nice covers - also Sapphire & Steel!
  John Pettigrew's Covers
Nice and varied selection of video covers
  Tymelord's Website
Compilation covers
from Tymelord's own collection
  Ian McPherson's
Art Gallery
As well as some covers, Ian has pages covering all sorts of Who-related ephemera

Paintings and artwork  
  Gravis Art
Anthony Dry produces lots of wonderful Seventies Target Books-inspired artwork - see also www.kasterborous.com
  Parrish Paintings
Kevin does fantastic paintings of Doctor Who, pop groups Yes and the Moody Blues as well as landscape work - top man!
  Tardis Indigo
Mark Gray's lovely art from the series, the audios and redesign concept stuff - super!

Restoration and colourisation
  Restoration Team
These guys work on the official DVD releases and their work is fantastic!
  Babel Fish
Stuart Humphreyes' fantastic work colourising the John Cura Telesnaps shows Hartnell & Troughton - in colour! Great!

Fan societies  
  DWAS - Doctor Who Appreciation Society
The official UK fan society
  Border Who
Local group for Doctor Who based in Carlisle, UK

News and official sites  
  BBC - Doctor Who
The official BBC site for the Doctor!
  Outpost Gallifrey
THE place for the latest Doctor Who news
Doctor Who Online
The second best place for the latest Doctor Who news!
  Eye of Horus
Interesting site, but often reports speculation as news - read with a pinch of salt IMHO!

Audio and video adventures  
  Big Finish
The New Audio Adventures for the Doctors, the Daleks, Bernice Summerfield and more!
  Altered Vistas RECOMMENDED!
Stuart Palmer is producing 3D-rendered Video CDs of the Dalek comic strips of the Sixties - they are brilliant!
  Voice of Evil
Can this really be the end of the Doctor? Paul Johnson takes you on what might be the last great adventure...

Resources sites  
  Doctor Who
Logos Collection

A great site for logos to use on your own covers!
  Doctor Who
Cuttings Archive

If you're looking for press coverage, it'll be here!
  Doctor Who
Image Archive

Steve Hill's site holds lots of images for download
Tim Neal's great site looking at the history of the Doctor Who novelisations

For fun!  
Have a bit of fun with this updated Doctor Who version of the old Robotron game!

Please feel free to use any of these banners as appropriate on your site if you wish to add a link to the
Art Of Infinity site group - www.artofinfinity.co.uk