UPDATED 11/10/09
1 Hartnell, 2 Pertwee and 1 Matt Smith!

Some people asked. Some people begged.
A lot of people just weren't interested.
But I digress...

For those of you that are interested at all,
here's a few wallpapers
FREE for you to download
and use in any way you like -
just so long as you don't claim you did them yourself!

So, if you want to rework them into a cover of your own,
that's fine. You can even send it back in to go on

It's up to you!
There will be more for other Doctors and enemies in the future

Dalek Invasion of Earth wallpaper   The Time Meddler wallpaper
The Daleks' Master Plan wallpaper   The Celestial Toymaker wallpaper
The Underwater Menace wallpaper   The Tomb of the Cybermen wallpaper
The Wheel in Space wallpaper   The Dominators wallpaper
The Ambassadors of Death wallpaper   Sea Devil and Silurians wallpaper
PC Amy chases the new Doctor wallpaper