It is with much regret that we have to
announce the passing of

Gary Phillips

Co-founder and Publicity Officer of PPS

Gary was passionate about his love of vintage television and radio and while we are glad to have known him - even though he could
irritate us mightily at times! - we are very sad
to hear of his passing.

God Speed, Gary - Rest in Peace.

Martin, Dave and Richard
Gary's Co-Founders of PPS

Welcome to the PPS Archive!
Welcome to the archive of the Programme Preservation Society (PPS)

PPS existed from late 1998 for the purpose of allowing its members to access each other's collections of vintage and contemporary tv and radio programmes, not then available to buy on VHS and later on DVD.

However, things changed in 2006 when we were forced, very much against our will, to first stop trading recordings and then finally deciding to finish PPS altogether. The explanation of what happened can be found below.

This, therefore, is the repository of PPS as it was online at the end of December 2006. We hope you enjoy it and find some of the articles and information both useful and interesting.


It is with great reluctance that we make this announcement, but it seems we have no alternative, at least until the position becomes clearer to us.

It has been brought to our attention by one of our members that the BBC's 'Brand Protection Team' have contacted him about 'trading' of material being illegal and have asked him to remove any offers to provide copies free of charge, or links to persons who may be able to do this, forthwith from his website. The Programme Preservation Society was named within the body of this e-mail as also 'trading' in unlicensed material.

While we have always been a tape trading society i.e. swapping tape for tape
with no money changing hands between members for material, this swapping now appears to be likened to commercial piracy on a large scale or the market trader/street vendor selling copies of material. Commercial piracy of any sort for profit has never been condoned by PPS and indeed it has always been part of our Society's rules that no material should change hands for money whatsoever.

We, PPS, have yet to be contacted by the BBC or any member of this 'Brand Protection Team', but we have no wish for either ourselves or any of our members to be prosecuted.

Therefore we would like to make it clear that as from this date -
August 30th 2006 - we are changing to a
contact organisation only.

Tape trading of any sort can no longer be condoned by PPS.

We remain a non-profit making organisation which will continue to list its members and their interests and produce a quarterly magazine.

Should the position change, we will announce those changes both to our members and here on this website.

Those changes may well see the closure of PPS. Discussions are now ongoing as to its future and for the moment we will not be taking any new members until it is decided how best to continue.

We would like to update all interested parties with regard to the
announcement we added to the PPS website on August 30th
click here to read the announcement

As it has been made plain that interested parties such as the BBC will consider legal action if PPS and its members continue to swap - with no monetary gain - tapes, it was decided to immediately cease this activitiy as of August 30th.

However, as PPS' main reason for existing was to do just this i.e. provide a tape swapping service, if it is impossible to carry on this practise without possible legal action, we feel there is little point in continuing. The members list would be next to useless as we would not be able to list what members had or wanted, for fear of that list being used against them. This leaves the club magazine, Radio TellyScope, as the only real 'product' we provide and while many members may feel that is worthwhile there are other ways of delivering a magazine which don't include membership of a society. These ways and means were being considered prior to this happening and may well be used in the future for a revamped, non-society dependant RTS, or for a new magazine altogther. That, however, is for the future.

* * * UPDATE: December 2006 * * *

We would therefore like to advise everyone that as from December 31st 2006, the Programme Preservation Society will cease.

All current members will receive in the New Year a final issue of RTS together with a refund of membership monies due to them prorata, dependant on how many months membership remain to them in their current membership period. At the moment this is likely to be sent out before the end of February 2007.

We would like to thank all those who are or have been members over the 8 years PPS has been 'trading', and all those we have been in contact with for interviews etc. in that time; sadly, some are no longer with us.
Still, it was fun!