If you have already visited the History page of this site, you will know that PPS was formed by four people of a former society, which had previously been run by one person.

Because of what happened with that society towards the end of its time, it was decided when PPS was formed to have a committee structure and to allocate different jobs to different people, while still taking on board each other's ideas about how each part could be made easier or better. It was also felt that this would provide a better service to members because, as long as communications were strong between the committee members, even if one person was unable to fulfill his role for whatever reason, the others could take over for the time being and keep the whole show on the road.

At that time the four positions allocated were Librarian, Magazine Editor, Treasurer and Publicity Officer and the happy foursome are pictured below at Cult TV 1999 with the event's organiser Alex Geairns (2nd from left):

They were (l-r) David May (Librarian), Alex, Martin Hearn (Magazine Editor),
Richard Berry (Treasurer) and Gary Phillips (Publicity Officer)

The original PPS Committee pictured with Alex Geairns of Cult TV in 1999


Since that time there have been a few changes on the committee
and some changes of position.

The end of June 2003 saw the departure of David May from the committee for pastures new after five years of hard work and appreciation by his fellow committee members.
The position of Publicity Officer has been abolished for the time being,
with advertising now shared by the remaining committee members.

* UPDATE * Posted 25th July 2006

As of 17th July 2006, we are delighted to welcome PETER GRAY to the Committee. Pete will be overseeing the members' collection lists, so all enquiries from members regarding their entry should be directed in the first instance to him.

Therefore, the current PPS Committee is now as follows:


Richard Berry
( Treasurer )
Flat 2, 11, Rudloe Road,
London SW12 0NR, UK

Peter Gray
( List Editor )
10 Linden Drive,
Denbighshire LL19 9EH, UK


John Hutchinson
( Research)
31, New Street,
Kippax, Leeds,
West Yorkshire LS25 7BD, UK

Martin Hearn
( Magazine Editor )
19, Crummock Drive,
Heron Hill, Kendal,
Cumbria LA9 7PQ, UK

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