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Over the weekend of 10th-13th October 2003, both Martin Hearn (Magazine Editor) and John Hutchinson (Librarian) of PPS were in attendance at the 10th Annual Cult TV Festival at Sand Bay Holiday Centre, Kewstoke, nr. Weston-Super-Mare

And a fine time was had by all!

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"Avon calling!" - Blake's Seven's Paul Darrow "Where's that beggar Avon? He killed me!" Gareth Thomas
"CRACK-ER-JACK!" Comedian Don Maclean Legendary comedy writers Alan Simpson & Ray Galton
Announcer and author of "The Radio Times Story" Tony Currie entertains... Presenter Julie Stevens interviews Tony Currie
Julie Stevens, Tony Currie, Michael Hurst, Mark Spencer, Keith Lindsay, Michael Sheard, Ken Rock, Dick Fiddy & Maurice Gran get hoplessly muddled during Celebrity Squares! Shane Rimmer, Michael Sheard, Michael Hurst, Mark Spencer, Julie Stevens and "Santa's Little Helper" Tony Currie provide cameos for the trial of the Goggles!
Hercules' Michael Hurst enjoys a joke with the audience as authoress & interviewer Thomasina Gibson tries to get her point across "I don't remember this!" Bernard Horsfall is mystified by some of the clips of his work on television
"Splendid chap" Nicholas Courtney alias Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart from Doctor Who holds the stage "And now - from Norwich - it's the quiz of the week!" - actor, host and comedian Nicholas Parsons was a surprise guest who was able to make it this year
"Forgotten Avengers girl" Venus Smith and Play School/Play Away presenter Julie Stevens "Don't worry - Thunderbird 1 doesn't leave for another 10 minutes!" Shane Rimmer can't believe his interview panel is over so soon!
"You boy - pay ATTENTION!" Grange Hill's Mr Bronson, alias life and soul of any party/convention Michael Sheard - good on you, Michael!
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