( 32 pages printed in b&w with colour front cover )

Issue Two of Radio TellyScope was published in early January 1999

The issue featured the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • News - a new archive discovery, and the worrying new policy on comedy at the Beeb

  • Behind The News - how one member of PPS helped with the Doctor Who "Ice Warriors" doublepack documentary, "The Missing Years"

  • Archive Gems - feature article on the 1969 science-fiction series created by Tony Williamson, Counterstrike, starring Jon Finch

  • Cult Factions - the fan society under the spotlight this issue is the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society: THAS

  • Wendy Craig - feature article on the comedy actress famous for daffy blondes and put-upon housewives, from Not In Front Of The Children through Butterflies to Brighton Belles

  • Celebrity Interview - he never spoke on tv, which was only natural as part of the Vision On team. But the Prof was a major part of the show with his weird and wonderful inventions and David Cleveland was the Prof!

  • A critical look at the state of television over the past few years - are things getting better and better - or are things looking grim for news, drama and comedy as we approach the new Millennium?


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • Band Waggon - the first radio "sitcom" in this country, which made Arthur Askey a household name

To view the online article, click on Read article with picture gallery or Read article without pictures