( 32 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )

Issue Six of Radio TellyScope was published in mid January 2000

The issue featured the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • Adam Adamant Lives! - Edwardian adventurer meets stylish Swinging Sixties London in a show that could have rivaled The Avengers given a chance. Bob Furnell remembers...

  • The Quatermass Memoirs - Richard Berry looks at the forgotten Quatermass, only four years old!

  • Benny Hill Part 2 - the conclussion to David May's article on Benny's life and career, this time focussing on what happened to cast him out into the comedy wilderness.

  • Beyond Our Ken - the Stewart Hopkins' guide to Kenneth Horne's long-running radio series featuring Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden, Bill Pertwee and Kenneth Williams.

  • Missing: Believed Wiped 1999 - Richard Berry recounts the annual screening event of all sorts of long-unseen gems going way, way back...


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • The Zoo Gang - an all-star cast of animals? No, but a short-lived series based on the exploits of four former French resistance fighters ( with an all-star cast of excellent actors... )

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