( 80 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )
Issue 21 of Radio TellyScope was published in mid October 2003

As the period of this issue covers the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who,
the magazine is themed around this series

The issue featured the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • The Truth Is... Somewhere - written prior to any announcement, the bare facts about who owns what regarding the series are laid open to scrutiny and the question asked - when is Doctor Who coming back BBC?
  • And then... - news of a new series broke and all information at the time of comiling the issue is presented in this follow up to The Truth Is...Somewhere

Each article covers a series one of the actors playing the Doctor appeared in, the actor himself or their time as the Time Lord:

  • The Hound Of The Baskervilles - continuing with his history of Sherlock Holmes in tv and film, David May looks at Tom Baker's attempt at the role in 1980
  • The Army Game - John Hutchinson takes an overview of the Fifties comedy series set in the Ordnance Depot at the army camp of Nether Hopping starring William Hartnell as Sgt. Major Bullimore
  • Patrick Troughton: An Appreciation - David May examines the life and career of one of Britain's best character actors, remembered by Who fans as the actor who made the series' continuation possible in 1966 and for a brilliant characterisation
  • The Last Place On Earth - this 1985 dramatisation of the rivalry between Captain Scott and Amundsen co-starred Sylvester McCoy as the faithful "Birdie" Bowers with Martin Shaw as the driven explorer Scott

  • Campion - Margery Allingham's detective found a new, if somewhat brief, new lease of life in the late 1980's with Peter Davison taking the role for a series of mysteries

  • Worzel Gummidge - After his success as the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee was approached to play the scarecrow as created by authoress Barbara Euphan Todd, and made the character another cult success with young and old

  • DVD & CD Reviews - a review of one of the latest DVDs and three of the 'alternative Doctor' audio plays on CD


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • The Trial Of The Time Lord (or why the sixth Doctor never stood a chance) - Colin Baker's tenure as the Doctor was unfairly cut short. Who were the villains of the piece, what part did they play - and who (in the author's opinion of course!) was the Doctor's real nemesis?

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