( 56 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )

Issue 28 of Radio TellyScope was published in early May 2005

Radio TellyScope has now changed to a bi-monthly rather than the quarterly issue published to date. The issue features the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • The Outsider - David Rice looks at this newspaper-based drama serial starring John Duttine and Joanna Dunham and written by Michael J. Bird.

  • Colonel March of Scotland Yard - Ray West concludes his guide to the Fifties mystery series starring Boris Karloff.

  • Death Is A Good Living - Andrew Screen examines this 1966 BBC drama based on the novel by Phillip Jones and starring Leonard Rossitter.

  • The New Media War - Is DVD all it's cracked up to be? Are we being forced to switch from VHS by manufacturers? Is there going to be another 'VHS vs. Betamax' with the different formats of DVD recording, and what pitfalls does home recording have? We look at some of the things you need to know that the salesman may not tell you!

  • Reviews - a roundup this issue of some of the DVD's making their way out into the market place and a review of the new Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy film by our guest reviewer, Oolon Colluphid.

  • Releases - up and coming releases on VHS and DVD, including some Region 1 releases.

  • Obituaries - the first roundup of losses from 2005; we remember the notables and some unsung heroes and heroines in their fields.


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • Shoestring - Part 2 - Concluding the feature article from last issue, we look at Eddie's final season and ask... why was did it stop there if it was doing so well?

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