( 76 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )

Issue 35 of Radio TellyScope was published in mid October 2006
as the last of the regular issues of Radio TellyScope

The issue features the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • The End of PPS - as previously announced on this site, PPS can no longer continue as we have since inception as a tape swapping society and we have relutantly decided to wind the society up. Further details can be found on the Join PPS page and the Front Page - this section of the magazine informs members what will be happening and how.

  • Obituaries - a new roundup of losses in the third quarter of the year.

  • Hammer House of Horror- David May looks at this series that put Hammer Films back into television production and created a memorable anthology.

  • The Changes - One of the best children's serials of the Seventies, based on the trilogy of books by Peter Dickinson, we look at what happens to society when the machines stop...

  • Jungle Jim - Ray West concludes his guide to the adventures of Johnny Weissmuller as the tracker and guide by finishing up episodes 18 to 26.

  • And This... Is Me - our semi-regular feature for members to introduce themselves rounds off with our Canadian member, Bob Furnell.

  • Reviews - a few new potential purchases on DVD

  • Releases - up and coming releases on DVD, to Christmas and into the New Year..


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • The Doombolt Chase - from the late Seventies comes this six part childrens serial of Naval affairs, mysterious island bases and doomsday weapons!

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