( 104 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )

Issue 36 of Radio TellyScope was published in mid March 2007
as the last ever issue for PPS - boo-hoo!!!

The issue featured the following items - no feature article is included for this issue:

  • Treasure Trove - an exclusive for the last issue: this is the story of how the actual manuscript for the famous Two Ronnies 'Fork Handles' sketch came to be found from one of our committee members who helped spot it when a co-worker brought it in to work and asked if anyone knew what it was. Real TV history with pictures of the actual manuscript!

  • Quark - some shows don't make it past the pilot stage, others make it to only a few episodes and never get commissioned again. Some you can see why - and let's face it, plenty of those that get recommissioned should've been put down at birth. Sometimes there's one that should've been given a second shot. Quark is one of them!

  • The Duchess of Duke Street - Gary Phillips looks back at the Seventies period drama based on the story of a servant girl who wants to become the best cook in the land before rising to become the proprietor of the Bentinck Hotel.

  • Play For Today - Pete Gray gives us a short overview of this plays anthology that succeeded the Wednesday Play strand on BBC1.

  • War of the Worlds - Dave May looks at the night that shocked America, the radio broadcast of the adapted H.G.Wells book starring Orson Welles.

  • The Fantastic Journey - Dave continues his sci-fi series with a look at this short-lived but excellent offering about a group of lost souls trying to get back to their own time zones after being shipwrecked in the Bermuda Triangle. Who said Lost was original?

  • One Step Beyond - Dave concludes his look at sci-fi with this often-ignored anthology based on true stories and directed and fronted by John Newland.

  • A Murder of Quality - Gary looks at an adaptation of another John Le Carre novel featuring the character of George Smiley, this time played by the late Denholm Elliot.

  • Top Ten TV Triumphs - Our Treasurer, Richard Berry, jemmys the lid off this feature so that he can give us the benefit of his own selection before we close completely!

  • Reviews - a few new potential purchases on DVD as well as the defiinitve book about the life and career of screen writer Michael J. Bird.

  We also have final thoughts from Dave, John Hutchinson and Gareth Preston,
some 'thanks' comments from other members as well as two major retrospective articles:
  • Our Friends In The North - Richard reminisces on both his time with PPS and his life as a fan, firstly for Doctor Who and then widening his range to cover much more.

  • That Was The PPS That Was - the definitive chronology of what went on in front of - and behind - the scenes of PPS over its 8 year life from 1998 to 2006, and how it started and why it stopped...