How to Contribute UPDATED 14 October 2008

All you have to do to contribute a cover to
THE TARDIS KEY is to e-mail your cover to me.

Well, I did say it was easy!

However, before you get really carried away,
let's get a few ground rules down.

These will
HAVE to be followed or
else your cover won't get added in, okay?
(some of them are to make your work look the best, while others are to try and cover everyone
so please follow them)

(sorry for all the red lettering below but it's important and I must make sure I get your attention!)


No pornographic or derogatory content will be displayed.
So if you know of a fan film called
DOCTOR WHO & THE NUDE VIXENS OF MARS, and use images of said nude vixens on your cover it won't make it onto here.
Similarly, a documentary entitled
JN-T: THE WORLD'S WORST PRODUCER won't either, as regardless of what people may think I think something like that's derogatory. Sorry, but that's my rule and also my ISP's.

In conjunction with the above,
I reserve the right only to display the covers I think fit.

This does
NOT mean that if you think your cover isn't very good compared to someone else's it won't get on; that's not my meaning. I'm covering taste and libel etc. here, so along with any potential derogatory and pornographic content,
if I think a cover's not fit to be added for some reason, it won't be,
and that decision's final.

It must be your own work.

Let me explain that.

By all means use any of the files on the
RESOURCES page of CHAMELEON CIRCUIT if you wish to, that's fine with me. The same goes for any resources I post here, such as the templates currently available for instance.

CHAMELEON CIRCUIT, I list all those artists whose work I've adapted into a new cover on my CREDITS page. Those people are far more talented than I in the first place, so they ought to be credited and so I have done so.

However, the actual complete covers as available there were put together
by me - that's all I claim, that I adapted them into a new cover. BBC originals available there for download are noted as such. Also, any images captured from DVD or VHS are also credited to the BBC/BBC Worldwide or the respective owner.

If you adapt other artwork or photos for your covers, please tell me whose work or images it/they are that you've used so they can be credited.
You are being credited for putting the cover together from that work. Of course, if you drew the whole artwork used, tell me that too - let's get you all due credit!

But, no cribbing of other people's covers and then claiming you put them together.
If that happens and the real owner informs me,
your covers will be removed immediately and your e-mail address passed to the real owner for them to do as they think fit. You have been warned.

UPDATED: Some covers previously posted were, on closer inspection, only partly created by the person disputing copyright, but as this was the vast majority of those covers concerned they had to be removed. So PLEASE, no pasting someone's front cover onto your back cover or anything like that - that counts as well.

Please only send your cover as a JPEG file (either .JPG or .JPEG extension)

UPDATED: A cover file must be no more than 1100k in size.

The earlier limit was 500k per cover as
TARDIS KEY was not hosted on paid hosting.
However, now I have moved all my sites, including
TARDIS KEY, over to Freeola which offered 'unlimited' web space, I should have more room to play with. So I have revised the limit to 1100k per cover. Most of mine on CHAMELEON CIRCUIT come in at less than that without too much compression so you should find that you can produce a good cover for that.

However, please note - as before if your cover is only slightly bigger than 1100k - say no more than 10% bigger (1200k) - I
will include it if you'll allow me to resave it at a slightly reduced quality/resolution, otherwise it'll have to stay off the site.

UPDATED: In future, covers should be no less than 250k in size.

This is because if they're compressed too much they don't look good on the site and no one will be interested in downloading your work. I've had quite a lot of covers in recently which are good work but compressed a lot and so don't look as good as they might. I've included them, but I'd rather keep your covers looking as good as possible, okay?

UPDATED: If you scan them, please scan them flat and outside of the plastic cover jacket / sleeve.

Again, this is to keep your work looking as good as possible on the site. If you can't save your work directly and have to scan in a printed copy, please try and get it as straight as possible, as flat as possible (put a couple of tapes on top of it to press it down while you scan it) and do scan it outside of the sleeve / jacket - the plastic reflects a lot of the scanning light and can destroy any detail, especially if it's not a smooth plastic.


Okay, so you're complying with my rules above - thank you for that.

Now you want to know what you get out of it, yes?

Okay, here's what to do and what will happen:


Please e-mail your cover(s) to and
put in the subject line of the e-mail
TARDIS KEY COVER SUBMISSION. Like many people I get lots of spam e-mail and without this explanation in the subject line I'll just delete your e-mail rather than risk opening and getting a virus/worm/whatever. Please use the above subject line, DON'T just put Dr Who cover or your covers or somesuch - it WILL get deleted. Honest!


If you send in a cover and it goes on the site, you'll be given an entry
in the List of Contributors, along with the number of covers you've sent in so far

Your entry will link to a page containing a header graphic with your name on it,
a contact e-mail address (if you wish me to add one -
e-mail addresses will NOT be added to your page unless you tell me I can do so), a 'Last Updated' date,
a description of each cover e.g.
AUTON 2: SENTINEL or THE STONES OF BLOOD, credits for the images/art you've used on that cover and a thumbnail of that cover to link to the actual cover for downloading.


If you have any other questions not covered here, please e-mail me at and put in the subject line of the e-mail TARDIS KEY QUESTION - again, please use this subject heading or you could get deleted, sorry.

I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can, but if you don't hear after a few days, please feel free to send me a reminder in case I've either lost the first or fallen asleep!


When I e-mail you it will be marked as from
Martin or, which is my normal e-mail address and will have Re. TARDIS KEY COVER or Re. TARDIS KEY QUERY in the subject line for sure - that way you can be sure it's from me and isn't spam. is a forwarding address only, but please use it rather than the cloisterbell one so I can easily sort my mail - thanks!