UPDATED 26th September 2007

Well, here's the latest news on the ongoing saga!

As you know I was giving the bloke at BBC Wales 14 days to reply to my e-mail informing him I'd complied and asking polite questions about how I'd been found etcetera.

My e-mail was sent Tuesday 11th September at 22:20 hrs and as of then last night, 14 days later, I have received no reply whatsoever in any form.

So, as promised, I'm now moving on to Stage 2 - the reminder e-mail which I've just sent (13:30 hrs):


Regarding your communcations re. my novelisations of Doctor Who episodes, I have as yet received no reply from you to my e-mail sent a fortnight ago - copy attached below.

I would be grateful if you could reply with answers to my queries within the next 7 days as this matter has been going for some little time now. Although I have complied with your request in full, I would be grateful if I could keep faith with my site visitors and allow them to know the official position as soon as possible, something which is only possible with your permission as I asked for in the below original e-mail.

If I do not hear from you within the period specified, I will have to take other steps in order to re-open communication with you, either by post or telephone.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your reply,

Yours sincerely,

Martin Hearn

(original e-mail copy attached)

I think that's pretty reasonable don't you?

We'll see if we get a reply to that or not. As I said in my original update, I'm not prepared to take this to the nth degree, but I'm not prepared to be ignored now this bloke and the BBC have got what they want, or so it seems, at least not without an explanation and without some 'proper' reassurance that he'll pursue those getting away with it and making money to boot. He's had a fortnight, time for that holiday in the Bahamas or Bognor or wherever if he's been away; now's the time for him to catch up on his e-mails!

As I said, I'll keep you informed. Thanks for your support!