UPDATED 15/02/09

All content displayed on this site was created by me from various different sources, all of which are credited where known on the cover's own page and as a whole on the CREDITS page. As I renew previous work, each cover will also have credits attached as part of the design. However, the templates, design and composition, as well as some original artwork, remain my own copyyright.

Please feel free to use any of the work presented here for your own personal use. However, any commercial infringement found will impact on those artists whose work I have adapted for personal use, so please don't do it unless you want to risk being sued by them.

For those people who came to my site looking for the work of ROB WHITE,
I'm sorry but you won't find any of it here for various reasons -
the full story can be found

As to my use of the
CHAMELEON CIRCUIT name, none of the domain names associated with my site belonged to ROB, nor do I own his domain name, and the CHAMELEON CIRCUIT as a name belongs to neither of us, being a device created by the writers of the original series (Johnny Byrne and/or Christopher H. Bidmead during Season 18).

While ROB was unhappy about my use of the site name, I offered in January 2008 to change it if he wished. He never got back to me, so this site, as
CHAMELEON CIRCUIT, will remain so named until I rename it myself or remove the site entirely.