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The PPS Videos page now has clips from our videos for you to download and play -
and hopefully will give you an intriguing taster of the sort of video you can expect if you are thinking about buying one.

The clips are only available in
RealPlayer format - if you do not have RealPlayer on your system, click here to download a copy from Real's website


This is the first major update of the site for over a year - oh dear! This is not to say that the Committee have been resting on their laurels - cos we ain't! But as Magazine Editor, the updating of the website falls to me and I must apologise for the lack of new content over the past year, especially in the Members section. New features will continue to be added over the next few weeks - keep an eye out in case anything new appears!

While I continue to get the site back into the sort of shape I wish it should be in all the time, the Members Section has been suspended for the time being. My apologies to our members who were hoping that this would finally mean that things were looking up there. They will be, but I want to get the Public Section upright and running before I turn my attention to the Members Section to give it a damn good thrashing, as Basil Fawlty put it!
Hopefully I will have more to report on that at the end of the month.

In the meantime, this section of the main site will cover news relevant to PPS itself, in other words our activities, what's due to come out when in terms of magazines, lists and other items, and any announcements we have to make. I have updated - or should that be backdated? - this section to the beginning of September 2002, so that you can see the last few months in the life of PPS. From now on, 'we're boldly going forward cos we can't find reverse!'


The last competition of the year for this website is up and running!

This time we've got another bumper bundle of videos for you to win - we've never given half a dozen away at the same time!

But this year you're in luck if you like a meaty whodunnit!

Either click on Competition on the menubar or
click here


Murder Rooms - The Patient's Eyes & The Photographer's Chair Murder Rooms - The White Knight Stratagem & The Kingdom Of Bones Christmas Bonus! The Magician's House - Series 2


  This Doctor Who convention was held at the Swallow Hotal, Stockton-on-Tees over this weekend and
Martin Hearn from PPS was in attendance along with many other devotees of the Time Lord



The above guests attended together with others from the
Doctor Who Restoration Team, Timebase Productions, Doctor Who Magazine and Big Finish Productions and helped turn the convention into a really enjoyable event.

Further pictures from the weekend will be available on this site shortly but here are a few

photos - M. Hearn With thanks to Dave Price of Dimensions On Tyne


It is with the greatest pleasure that the rest of the PPS Committee welcome aboard our new Librarian,
John Hutchinson.

John has agreed to join us to take over the position left vacant by the sudden departure of Wayne Mitchell at the beginning of September. John will be responsible from now on for updating members entries on the members list and for sending out this and the quarterly newsletter. The magazine,
Radio TellyScope, will continue to be handled by myself,
Martin Hearn.

John has a varied collection of shows and has interests in all aspects of television both past and present - as you can see from the photo, he's well up-to-date being a big fan of

Once again, thanks for joining us on board John -
go and make the tea, will ya? :-)


photo - D.May



After the delay caused by the the departure of Wayne Mitchell our Librarian, I am pleased to announce to members that the new members list, originally due in August, is finally ready and is being despatched this week by myself.

I hope that the delay has not inconvenienced any member too much and that everyone has been able to continue corresponding with other members over trades and information in the interim.

The final update of the year including, hopefully, any ommisions and corrections to this list, will be sent out in early December by our new Librarian, who will be announced as from November 1st when he takes over the position.

Thanks one and all for your patience in this.


The 9th Annual Cult TV Festival takes place over the weekend of October 25th - 28th and as usual lots of TV related guests are booked to join the attendees.

Amongst those announced are Francis Matthews (
Captain Scarlet, Paul Temple), Dirk Benedict (The A Team, Battlestar Galactica), Virginia Hey (Farscape), David Jackson (Blake's Seven) and Katy Manning (Doctor Who) as well as plenty of others and no doubt the odd surprise guest as usual!

The current PPS Committee, David May, Richard Berry and myself will be there, along with our new Librarian (announcement shortly!), so if you're going along and want to meet us or stop and ask us something, please do! We'll all have badges with the PPS logo on.

For further details about the
Cult TV festival, click on the logo opposite to visit their website.


Cult TV 2003 - click here for full information [logo (c) Cult TV]



It's nearly two years since we last polled the membership to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about PPS and get their views, so we thought it was high time we did it again!

Hence this week David May has sent out copies of the 2002 Survey to all current members to see if we can find out just what we are doing right - and more importantly, what we could be doing wrong.

When we have the results, we'll be sending them out to the membership and hopefully take on board everything that we can. Some of the questions may also be relevant to a wider debate, so if online voting can be set up to find out what other people think about our results and choices, I may add that to the website.

In the meantime, we look forward to a good response - especially as this time we're enclosing an SAE with each - this time there's no reason not to reply, members! :-)



Well, it took a while because of PC problems, but our first special PPS video is finally ready for release to members!

It was in August 2001 that David May, Richard Berry and myself finally met up with our subjects 'somewhere in East Anglia' to record our most complicated video to date with David Cleveland, David Wyatt and Tony Amies, film makers extraordinaire responsible for films of the Prof from
Vision On and Cid Sleuth from Jigsaw.



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