The BBC is bringing in new guidelines for its programme makers which many
feel are detrimental to both viewers and programme makers.

The full extent of the new guidelines can be seen

Not only do they deny those associated with the programmes, both in front and behind the
camera, their proper and deserved recognition, but it also makes things more difficult
for those viewers who may be visually impaired, while not adding anything of value
to the viewing experience.

An online petititon (not affiliated to PPS) has already been set up to protest against
these new guidelines. If you would like to sign, please
click here.

That is the end of our public information film. Thank you.
You'll probably have noticed there hasn't been a new competition this month,
and you're quite right!

We're having a little break, but there will be a new competiton in June.

In the meantime, best wishes everybody and to those of you taking their holidays -


The High Life - the DVD prize in the April competition!

Air Scotia flies again this month in our new competition!

It's time for you to live The High Life if you can answer the question we've set you to win this month's DVD prize, which contains not only the full series but also the original Comic Asides pilot episode!

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It's finally here - our last magazine.
Bit of a shame actually, but there you are..

It's a biggie to go out on - our biggest ever actually!

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Our last ever magazine :(  

Yes, I know, been busy again -
but it's here now!

This month sees the chance for some Mysteron encounters
in the company of that indestructable defender of Earth,
Captain Scarlet!

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New Captain Scarlet Volum 1 on DVD - the prize for March!  
  The final issue of Radio TellyScope is currently in production
but is taking longer to put together than anticipated

The revised date for publication is the middle of March
when remaining membership monies will also be returned to members
My apologies to members for this delay, but rest assured that it is on the way!

Sorry everyone, been busy again -
other things and websites to manage,
and I'm behind on them too!

This month sees the chance for some musical
diversion, with CDs to be won in our competition

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The Cult Files Big Box CD set - the DVD prize in the February competition!  

The Brittas Empire series 1 - the DVD prize in the January competition!

The first competition of the New Year for the PPS website
is go! (sorry for the delay - been a bit busy!)

It's comedy action first off with the staff and manager of
Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre,
all part of
The Brittas Empire!

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The PPS Committee would like to wish everyone visiting the site a

HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2007!


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