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Michael J. Bird died in May 2001 after over thirty years writing for British television. He created such popular series as The Lotus Eaters, Who Pays The Ferryman?, The Aphrodite Inheritance, Dark Side of the Sun and Maelstrom among others.

This site operated by professional writer David Rice gives a detailed background to the work of Michael J. Bird including many unpublished projects and material connected with the televised serials.

Lovely site - well worth a look!

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  Century Falls

Before there was the revival of Doctor Who, there was Century Falls, itself following on from Dark Season. The connection? One Russell T. Davies! An interesting site and now both childrens series have been released on official DVD well worth clueing up on!

Rentaghost Homepage

"If your mansion house needs haunting, just call Rentaghost!" This successful BBC childrens comedy series was one of the best Seventies creations - my favourite line up was the original cast - but everyone has their favourites. This is a great little site covering the whole series and well worth a look. Don't get spooked though!

The Trumptonshire Web

"Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb!" Yes, the Trumpton Fire Brigade rides again on this site devoted to the children's classics of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley, narrated brilliantly by Play School's Brian Cant. Lots of info, pictures, downloads, the works - superb nostalgia site!


1950's British TV nostalgia. If you're looking for The Wooden Tops,, Andy Pandy, the original Bill & Ben and others of that ilk, you'd do a lot worse than to try this great site.

Bewitched ( and Elizabeth Montgomery ) Website

It's twitchy nose time with Samantha, Endora, Darren and Tabitha at this intersting and thorough site

The Forest Rangers Website

Site devoted to the Canadian childrens series based on the adventures of the Indian River Junior Forest Rangers from the 1960's. Nicely presented look at this film series.

Watched It! Classic Kids TV

Nice site devoted to all sorts of long-forgotten classic kids tv



The British Sitcom Guide

Lovely little site following on in many respects from the Britian's Best Sitcom BBC poll in 2003. Lots of pages being added to all the time.


Norman Stanley Fletcher. One of the best characters in British comedy history, and one for which Ronnie Barker will be forever remembered. The old lag 'Fletch' is commemorated well on this website with clips, episode guides and more



The Jonathan Brandis Tribute Site

This young actor, best known for his role as boy genius Lucas in Seaquest DSV/2032, sadly died late in 2003 aged only 27. This tribute site was set up shortly afterward as a testimonial to his work and to his life.



The beautiful paintings of Kevin Parrish, artist extraordinaire, can be found at this site showcasing his work. While many are the paintings Kevin has done based around Doctor Who, he also focusses on his favourite bands such as Yes and The Moody Blues as well as landscapes and portraits of celebrities (proper celebrities before the word was devalued!)

The Sixth Doctor once said 'You know, I don't know much about art - but I know what I like!' -
and this is it!

UPDATE: Kevin is currently running a promotion on his Jon Pertwee artwork postcards - mention PPS when you go to his site if you're interested in purchasing!



The Original Auf Wiedersehen Pet Homepage

Excellent coverage of all the series, including cast members, biogs and current news about the Geordie brickies made good

The Avengers Forever!

Excellent resource for the fantasy crimefighters of the Sixties and Seventies which were Steed and his bevy of lovely companions; Cathy, Emma, Tara and Purdey - The Avengers! Nice downloads available including themes and screensavers



Art of Infinity

Self-promotion here folks - sorry! As a Doctor Who fan who got fed up with all the different 'official' covers the BBC videos have had over the years, I design my own covers using artwork that I've seen and liked - wish it was me that drew it in the first place though! Both current design covers and 'retro' designs are available to a greater or lesser extent, including alternatives to the official BBC DVD covers (on which the artwork's good, but the design is c^*p!) Hope you like something on it! I aim to do covers for other favourite series at some point too!

BBC Online - Cult

Official BBC site for all shows they consider to be a 'cult' i.e. Doctor Who, Thunderbirds, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files etc. etc. but which we all know are fantastic entertainment whichever way your bread's buttered! It is no longer updated, but there are links to other BBC sites for the cult shows from it.


Site run by the society devoted to the works of Gerry Anderson, one of my all-time favourite tv people. Stand by for action!

The Doctor Who Project

A long-term project of original fiction developing from the premise that Doctor Who didn't stop in 1989 and that Sylvester McCoy didn't regenerate into Paul McGann but someone else entirely! Interesting stuff for fans of the Time Lord


Website of the official Blake's Seven fan club, with club news, fiction and more information on the stars and characters of the 1970's BBC space opera


  Television Heaven

Great site operated by Laurence Marcus featuring a great deal of information on series from years gone by. Well worth a look.

Square-Eyed TV

Small site operated by Richard Spurr covering just a few of the classic series from the past.

TV Annuals

This lovely site operated by Ryan covers a wide range of the annuals produced in the past to fill your stocking around Christmas time. Most are tv related, but the site also covers movies, sport, comics, pop music and others that released an annual. Lovely site - well worth a look on a more than annual basis!

Steve's Web Page

While there's a reasonable amount of Doctor Who content here, Steve also devotes quite a bit of space to pages on Upstairs, Downstairs, Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em and Sapphire and Steel. Worth a look.

Action TV Online Homepage

Online version of the Action TV magazine, co-edited by PPS member Andrew Screen. Great coverage of lots of genre series.

The Anorak Zone

Supposedly for all "sad" fans, but actually a group of sites with some interesting content. Includes Star Cops, Doctor Who, The Prisoner and Bagpuss - what a selection!

TV Party

An American site, nicely presented with some fascinating articles on shows from across the Atlantic

80's Nostalgia

Not just tv covered on the main site, but this section links to a lot of 80's tv. It also includes earlier stuff like Hong Kong Phooey, so what the criteria are for it being 80's related I can't say! Nice content though

The Classic TV Archive

Large resource of episode guides and information, mainly on US shows but some British, Canadian and Australian as well

Bigglethwaite TV Quicksheets

This page is part of a site which has a brilliant index of links to all sorts of TV related websites. If you can't find something here, you really do need help!

American site which boasts hundreds of episodes guides for shows both British and American, in all sorts of genres. If you want some good information, look here!

TV Tome

Resource of information on over 500 shows, which you can send additions to or become an editor of for a particular show. Different. UK

Not strictly a tv or radio related site as it's an online search engine which automatically searches for the best prices on your tv programmes and films across online stores on VHS and DVD - and works on lots of other items too!


  Missing Episodes

The British TV Missing Episodes Index, and a very important point of reference. See what exists, what doesn't and chat with others about it on the online Forum!

A.P.T.S. Archive

The Alexandra Palace Television Society's website, dedicated to preserveing the pioneering work of those men and women once labelled 'The Fools On The Hill', without whom British, and possibly world television would never have got off the ground. Have a look at the site that salutes those great people.

BBC Online - Treasure Hunt

The BBC's own search for missing episodes from the archives, with a partial listing of what's missing


A very professional site for the archive organisation in the UK.

The Test Card Circle

This society have been going a long time, and this site, although fairly basic, clues you in on one of the staples of the television industry; the test card. Did they EVER get that game of noughts and crosses finished???

TV World

This site looks at some of the events in television's own history, such as the launch of Breakfast television in the UK. Nice site, worth a look.



No currently active links



The Harlech House Of Graphics

All things Welsh, with this site covering the TWW and HTV ITV regions serving Wales. Lots of background and general interest material here, a good site for the region.

Another Television Website

More idents, but this site offers a few movie files of some idents as well. Have a look if that's your bag!


  Vortex Events

Homepage for one of the best convention organisors in the UK, with Legend and Cult TV 2004 being amongst their most recent. Check out their site for updates on upcoming events organised by Les and Paul and their team.


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