UPDATE August 30th 2006

see home page for PPS' current position regarding tape trading and swapping
in the light of recent legal developments

As a member, you have access to your fellow members collections of television and radio programmes - as well as being able to pick their brains on those subjects!

All members receive a list of their fellows, as put together by the Librarian; in this sense the Librarian is in charge of a 'library' of submitted members lists which he uses to produce the much-simplified catalogue of everyone's collection. Going from the information in this list, a member can decide whether to approach another member with a view to a 'trade'.


At this point PPS would like to make it clear that no tapes are sold via society members
unless they are original, commercially-available copies.

Home-recorded copies or copies of a commercially-available tape
may not be
sold under any circumstance.

PPS does not condone the sale of home-recorded or 'pirated' tapes
either between members or between a member and a third party.

All PPS trades are just that - a swap of material with no money changing hands whatsoever.


This is for you to find out!
Seriously, it's impossible - or at least rather difficult - to list everything here,
but here is a list of
some of the items in the Magazine Editor's own personal collection,
which is included in his entry on the members list.

Many, many other shows are in other member's collections. Some members tend to collect a particular genre such as sci-fi, other members collect audio recordings. A lot of members are general collectors, and many of them have extremely large collections including much rarer shows than those included here in the brief sample below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Magazine Editor is usually too busy to trade on a regular basis - though will help if he can! - but there's plenty of other members who will be only too happy to trade with you, should you become a member!

I hope that gives you a taste of what you could get access to - if you become a PPS member!