( 64 pages printed in b&w with full colour front card jacket )

Issue 30 of Radio TellyScope was published in mid September 2005

Radio TellyScope has now changed to a bi-monthly
rather than the quarterly issues published upto the end of 2004.
The issue features the following items - click on the link to read the feature article in full:

  • Sword of Freedom - Ray West continues his guide to this Fifties adventure series involving the trials of artist Marco del Monte.

  • I Didn't Know You Cared - Gary Phillips concludes his article on this Seventies BBC sitcom.

  • The Babylon Project - "It was the dawn of the third age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth - Minbari war." Beginning this multi-part article charting the course of the saga that 10 years ago became known as Babylon 5. This issue how it began and a guide to those first few episodes...

  • 'And This Is Me...' - the feature that introduces a member to their fellows, lets them know more about him or her and puts a few interesting questions to them, both about collecting and other topics of the day. This issue is the turn of Brian Mattocks.

  • Top Ten TV Triumphs - the feature where a member gets the chance to give a countdown of their top ten tv faves and give the reason why it features so highly in thier Hall of Fame. This time member Shaun Brown gives us his choices!

  • Reviews - a roundup this issue of some of the DVD's making their way out into the market place as well as long-awaited Doctor Who archive reference magazine Nothing At The End Of The Lane #2.

  • Releases - up and coming releases on VHS and DVD, including some Region 1 releases.

  • Obituaries - a new roundup of losses in 2005; we remember the notables and some unsung heroes and heroines in their fields.

  • PPS News and Announcements - up and coming features relevant to members.

  • TV and Radio News - various news stories breaking since last issue.


This issue's featured article available on-line is:

  • Devil's Advocate - some shows or series get a raw deal and are perceived forever after as rubbish. Others just become misunderstood or unrecognised for what they truly were, and are labelled with the tripe. For those who have tarnished reputations, we begin an irregular series where the alternative view can be put forward for a maligned piece of the past. This time it's the only Doctor Who spin-off - K9 and Company.

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